Location: Executive Airport Plaza Hotel
7311 Westminster Hwy. Richmond, B.C V6X 1A3
Date:Jan 26th, 2013 (Sat)
Time: 9:30 am-4:30 pm(9:00 am Registration begins)

The markets have been volatile in the last 12 months—commodity prices have rallied and fallen to their relative highs and lows—some took losses while others made sizable fortunes. With August marking the bottom of the markets, we are cautiously optimistic for next year in 2013. For our January GCFF Vancouver Conference 2013: Investment Opportunities in a Recovering Market, we at NAI Interactive will be highlighting to the Chinese investors some bargain buys with high upside potential during the market recovery.

For 2013, we are expanding our realm of investable opportunities to cover various industries to give our investors a truly comprehensive understanding of the North American markets. In addition to our mining industry and financial services, we will reach out to opportunities in different sectors and industries such as wine, energy, real estate, technology and life science as well. We have invited reputable leaders in each industry to educate the attendees on upcoming trends and possible investment opportunities.

Past speakers include Yan Chiu Cho from Hong Kong Economic Journal, Marc Faber from Gloom Boom and Doom Report, Jim Rogers from Quantum Fund, Patricia Mohr from Scotiabank and Howard Atkinson from Horizons ETF. This year, Lawrence Roulston, editor of the Resource Opportunities and an expert in resource plays, Tina Mak, President at Asian Real Estate Association of America, Alice Chen, CEO of Export Ventures Group, and Martin Pelletier, Managing Director of TriVest Wealth Counsel with vast knowledge of the oil and gas sector, will be joining us for this conference to give their insights on the markets and teach investors how to identify investment opportunities!

Over 1,200 qualified investors will be present to look for opportunities and over 30 companies will be showcasing investment opportunities and reaching out to the investors. Check out the video clips for last GCFF Vancouver event. Don't miss out on our first GCFF event of 2013!